Mediation and Facilitation

One of the best ways to work something out with someone is to sit down and talk about it.  This can be very difficult however, if things go off the rails. Feelings can become intense and tempers can flair. You might have tried to talk but things got stuck or perhaps got even worse.

A facilitated meeting or series of meetings can be helpful to ensure you get to say what it is you want to say and can be heard. Based on respect for each participant and protecting each person's dignity, such meetings can work towards resolving conflict and mediate solutions.

These meetings can be helpful in any number of situations - for example, between members of a family, in the workplace, in the business sector, with Church members. They often take place where a person feels they have been badly treated but he or she does not want to take legal action because there is an on-going relationship and this would be affected by such action. In such cases, facilitated meetings can allow old differences to be worked through and resolved. Reconciliation and improved relationships often follow.

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