Counselling in the Corporate Environment

Provision of counselling for employees can help businesses in a number of instances.

Key Employees

In the current economic climate, key employees can suffer significant stress as their workloads increase and staff support decreases. Counselling can help support these individuals and resource them so they can provide leadership in difficult times. It can develop their strengths and improve their capacity to cope with stress.   

Personal Struggles

Counselling can be helpful where an employee is unable to contribute his or her best - for example, because of a stressful event outside the workplace. It may also be helpful where, for instance, there is difficulty with an employee contributing to a team. With the support of counselling, the employee can work on obstacles in the way of their performance and develop better coping skills.


Where bullying has occurred within the workplace, counselling for the parties can help to remove the emotional intensity otherwise involved and prevent the situation escalating.

Workshops and Seminars

Generally, workshops and seminars are created to meet the particular needs of the participants.  Topics might include - Coping with Crisis; Working with Anxiety and Stress; Improving Creativity; Better Communication; Improved Decision Making; Managing Conflict; Developing Personal Power; Protection from Burnout; Handling Change; Family Dynamics and Impact in the Work Place.
Emphasis is placed on practical application so participants take away something they can implement to make effective changes.  

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