Bereavement and Loss

If someone close to you has died, it can be really hard for you to believe that this person, who was so important to you, is not coming back. The physical and mental pain can be overwhelming. Life can seem pointless. Sometimes complicating factors make the loss even harder to bear. Now there is no opportunity to say what you really wanted to say or do what you really wanted to do.

Sometimes our losses are less obvious. Maybe no-one has died but our life has changed dramatically following separation or divorce or loss of a job. Many losses lie hidden - such as loss of identity, health, position in life and status, friends and work colleagues. We often do not realise that we have suffered such losses and wonder why it is that we feel so sad and confused. 

It can be very difficult to pick up the pieces and try to put your life together again following a significant loss. It can be hard to relate to other people who mean well but who have not experienced the loss that you have. Counselling and psychotherapy can help in giving you the time to fully express your grief. Taking your time to say all you want to say in a non-judgmental and unhurried space can begin the process of healing. Focusing on what you need to get you through this time can help you build resources into your life, slowly strengthening you. Although this is a difficult time in life, you do not have to work through it alone. 

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